Best Charity and purpose marketing of 2022

Do these campaigns make you want to do something different? The teams involved are tirelessly thinking about insights and driving behaviour change with their communities. Bravo The School of 2022; it hasn’t been an easy year, but here are some great campaigns, celebrating the best around in charity and purpose based markting.

Gift that keeps giving BHF

A great example of “features tell benefits sell” with this Charity heart-warmer, showing the gift that keeps giving, with a gift to the British heart Foundation (BHF) meaning loved ones are here at Christmas. Hankies out! Across TV, video-on-demand, digital, social and radio (which I would be intrigued to hear!)…

‘See The Person, Not The Sight Loss’     

How would you tell the story of a young woman losing her sight? 

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) challenges public attitudes and misconceptions of sight loss, mirroring the five stages of grief we often quote. Bravo to Thom Yorke for allowing the use of his solo version of Radiohead’s “Videotape”. 6

CALM suicidal doesn’t always look suicidal

“The last photo” launched as an unbranded exhibition on London’s Southbank with 50 six-and-a-half-feet-high smiling portraits showing people living a carefree life, which has already caught the attention of DJ Chris Evans. Supported by a 90-second TV ad that shows people living happy lives, playing with their children, enjoying a day out at the beach or laughing with friends.

These are the last photos and videos of people who have taken their life as part of a campaign that aims to dismantle a misunderstanding of what suicidal looks like.t

Social Mobility Foundation “Stay Down”

The Department for Opportunities, the Social Mobility Foundation’s advocacy and campaigning arm has created a short horror film that highlights classism in the workplace, under the guise of an upcoming blockbuster. Thought this was a great approach and addresses issues we can relate to; with our lead struggling to navigate constant, subversive discrimination, particularly from his elitist boss. The film premiere at the Roundhouse and a movie trailer was released, which features a cover of Radiohead’s No Surprises arranged by Icelandic artist Högni.

C4s Super. Human. | Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games trailer 

C4 have literally reinvented the Paralympics creating massive awareness and love for the games – this honest take pays homage to the last campaign. After presenting Paralympians as superhuman in previous spots, Channel 4 has returned to remind us they face the same pressures as everyone else, with the added challenges brought by living with disabilities. Love the café shot… very good job C4! 

Macmillan Coffee Morning brand refresh

Great to see a truly integrated brand refresh for Macmillan Coffee morning here – great charity doing really smart marketing with this social media led integrated campaign. 

Compassion warriors

Great insight – amazing idea. The simple language of Compassion Warriors keeps this idea a step above and should give you a good Friday weep, courtesy of Macmillan! Double energy from them this year! 

Dove’s reverse selfie 

Thoughtful build on the ‘real beauty’ campaign, by looking at the real pressure young girls experience through social media 

Big Issue at 30 – still transforming lives

A brilliant team with all the good they have done. 

Peta presents “The Octocurse”

The Octocurse has to be one of the stranger stories seen in a surreal science-fiction-inspired public service announcement. 

Here’s to a great creative 2023.

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