Launch of new film ‘Trouble’ for Young Filmmakers


Spark! London’s annual Young Filmmakers competition, now in its third year, needed to reach more people and deliver a high quality finished film, to continue to build relationships with partners including schools and BSkyB. Young people enter the competition with the hope of having their script turned into a finished short film. Green Banana Marketing was appointed by Spark! London (formally Hounslow Education Partnership) to develop its Young Filmmakers programme.

Young Filmmakers submit their scripts and the winning film is produced into a short movie. Our challenge was to work with the young filmmaker, winner of the 2013 competition, and to turn his script into a movie with a very limited budget and tight schedule.

Spark! is a charity which works with young people (13-18) in London to help them understand the world of work. They provide opportunities for over 5,000 young people a year from work placement to workshops. The young filmmakers competition, backed by partners BskyB, enable young people to experience the film industry.

‘We want to inspire young people about what their future could hold, but also give them a realistic picture of the demands of the work place.’


Green Banana Marketing mentored the Youngfilmaker winner, from storyboard to the completed film, ‘Trouble’. Building strong relationships with the team and creating a positive environment for hands on learning, was critical. Giving the young filmmaker a positive understanding of what is required to produce a finished film within a tight schedule and limited budget.


The completed film ‘Trouble’ premiered at a packed event attended by BskyB and other partners and crew, on the 20th June at the Waterman Centre in London. The short movie has been shortlisted for film festivals including Raindance, NOFI Los Angeles World Festival, London Short film festival and has been screened at It has also gained some local press coverage.

The Director at Spark said: “The GBM team are fleet of foot and flexible, bringing creative energy and huge enthusiasm to any challenges thrown their way.  Collaborating on our Young Filmmakers Competition they brought new focus, ideas and connections that helped us maximise the social impact of the programme.”

Trouble Play