WWF brand growth


We developed campaigns which were successful in extending the appeal of WWF beyond protecting endangered species and increasing awareness of WWF as an environmental organisation. The integrated campaigns focused on two of the major environmental threats – C02 emissions and deforestation, using posters, radio and events, alongside a dedicated campaign website, featuring stories about WWF’s work, a planet hero quiz, information on what people could do to help reduce environmental problems, and the opportunity to join WWF. Extensive PR was used to bring the campaign alive, including a feature where a family affected by the Birmingham Tornado in 2005, met a family from Boscastle, previously affected by the flooding in Cornwall.  A WWF survey was conducted showing that over 85 per cent of the public were increasingly worried about the impacts of global warming which gained media coverage. Partnerships were a critical part of the campaign delivery with support from HSBC, Ben & Jerrys and Canon.



GBM assist WWF Earth Hour digital strategy.

WWF communicating evolved brand