NEAR – a new global brand

We created a new brand and identity for an African based membership organisation, helping disaster struck communities 
to resume normal life as soon as possible (similar to our Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), but using local people and NGOs.














We developed NEAR – the network for empowered aid response working with a network of 30 members, each of whom had a voice at the table, which isn’t always easy.

Our brand guidelines demonstrated how the entity should be communicated, across all the touch points, using social media and working with partners, which has been well received.

Some reflections of working with organisation in the global south which it may chime with your own experiences?

2 comments on “NEAR – a new global brand

  1. Clara Mwanthi on

    Dear Giles,
    Greetings from NEAR Network! Working as a Senior Communications and Advocacy Officer at NEAR allows me to interact with our Members all over the World , and the response we get from our brand is totally amazing!!

    We have been conducting a series of capacity strengthening workshops across Nepal , Juba, Somalia, Turkey and DRC and all our new members and partners resonate with the brand, how awesome is that? And in all International conferences that NEAR has been represented, we have left a remarkable presence that lingers in people’s mind.

    The greatest benefit we have gotten from working with Green Banana marketing is to get a brand that commands nations. We are aware of brand consistency and usage across all our programs!

    I would definitely recommend Giles and Team, to brand or rebrand all serious institutions that need brands which speak volumes!


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